Slán agaibh!

Dear colleagues,


I thought long and hard about what to write here and as most of you know, I don’t like to wrap shit up in a gift wrapper with a nice ribbon on top, so this is for those who do and have always appreciated my honesty.


Over the last 2 years I have identified way over £1.000.000 in fraudulent transactions and prevented most of them. And even though only a fraction of that money actually ended up in my own bank account, I did it with great pleasure.

First of all, I would like to thank Neill for always supporting me and giving me any kind of freedom I needed to do my job. Be it stepping up to get me a permanent contract when I declined to keep working with that moron agency I was hired through as an AWF, letting me work from home in Germany when I needed to be with my family and last but not least, for simply blindly trusting my abilities. I’m so happy I had him as a manager that I even decided to give back my access badge when I’m leaving tonight – never done that anywhere else before!

My second thank you goes out to Ireland and the Irish people who have reminded me of two facts that I seemed to have forgotten somewhere along the way:


  1. Feck it, sure it’ll be grand – There is no point to worry about the future. Life is here and now and if I’m not happy in the here and the now, I’ll never be happy in the future either. Living somewhere in between my past, when I was chilling by the pool in Spain and an imaginary future in which the company finally stops hiring feckin eejits who prevent me from finally delivering the perfect month with a 100% prevention rate does not do me any good.


  1. Life is not all that serious – or as a wise man once said: Don’t take life too serious, you won’t get out of it alive! You’ll probably all remember that grumpy old twat who joined StubHub 2 years ago, not wanting to participate in anything – and today he’s hula-hooping I front of a camera (Miley, I would appreciate if you could forward me that video, ye auld hipster) and wearing a silly pink bandana in combination wae a Celtic tap and a tartan scarf (thanks again everyone)!


Thanks also to Brian, for passing on some important wisdom from his dad – The only thing that’s bad for you, is doing shit you don’t enjoy!

Whilst I did enjoy preventing fraud for the last 5 years of my life, I did also realise that I don’t enjoy long commutes and spending most of my awake time in front of a screen and that the corporate world generally isn’t my kind of thing.

Finally, having worked in what is undoubtedly a very logic and straight forward kind of work for the better part of a decade, I am now looking forward to start embracing my creative side, starting with selling most of my worldly possessions (anyone interested in a 4.0 Litre Jeep Grand Cherokee??) and doing a serious amount of travelling.

I’m sure I’ll bump into some of you again, wherever in the world it may be.

Slán agaibh!


PS: I hope I didn’t offend anybody… But if I did… Toughen up, ya wee prick. They’re only words!

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