And another one gone…

…and another one gone… Another one bites the dust!

Hey, I’m gonna get you, too! Another one bites the dust!

Why I am quoting Queen? You are about to find out…

This morning I was scrolling down on Facebook just as usual and I randomly liked a picture, which resulted in an old pal messaging me who I had not seen in about 10 years.  He wrote me in Spanish and I thought he just put some random stuff into Google Translate or just picked up some phrases on a holiday trip.

It turned out, though, that he is actually learning Spanish since a while now and the first thing he told me is that he will be moving to the bask country next week, where he has a girlfriend since 2 years.

I wrote in a very recent post that many people have complimented me over the years for the “balls” I had, to really come up with that plan to change my life and actually follow through with it. Another one added to the list today – cheers mate!

Many guys have also asked me for advise over the years, because they also wanted or needed change. I was always happy enough to help the people who were really looking for advise, as I know how it is to be deadly unhappy at the place you live. Of course I would have also loved to have a couple of old friends around myself. However, everyone who asked me for advise regarding international relocation and a new start, appeared not to have needed or wanted the change badly enough. None of those people have ever left Germany, some of them have not even left their little village and actually  didn’t seem to be overly bothered anyways. Maybe it’s a modern kind of small talk to ask things you won’t end up doing anyways.. I eventually got kind of tired of giving people advise for nothing and swore that next time someone asked I would not bother helping, because it was surely going to be a waste of time again.

For a long time I kept thinking that I was always going to be the only one from the old gang who would do something out of the ordinary, something other than the stiff, ultra-conservative lifestyle that is usually forced upon us where we are from. To be fair, though, none of us has ever been a paradigm of that anyways.

I had been right for a couple of years and only when Amanda, a good friend from the old days went to work in Spain as well, I was finally proven wrong. Shortly after visiting me during my time in Spain, Alex, another mate, went to Australia on a working holiday visa and is now being sponsored by his current employer for another couple of years that will hopefully lead to his permanent residence there in the end.

Including Simon, the guy who wrote me today, it’s now 4 of us in total. The funny thing is that I have never been really too close to Alex or Simon and if you would have told any of us in 2004 that we would all be living abroad one day or even having an actual profound conversation about any other topic than where we could get drunk the next weekend, we would have probably laughed very hard and told you to beat it!

Being brought up in a place that had voted well over 50% Republican (In Germany, not Murica!) still at some point in the new millennium, the kind of tight-minded ideas of this area grew on all of us to a certain extend. Of course they did – it’s what we had been told all the time.

I am loving the fact that the amount of Prisonbreakers keeps increasing and even though we are all in different parts of the planet at the moment, I feel that we are soulmates who have something very special in common – the “balls” to make change and not just stick with the status quo, not being stuck with all the bias that we were once told was right.

We have joined a very special club that not everyone can join, because it requires a tremendous amount of tenacity and sometimes a lot of patience. Oh, and the “balls”…

We are only 4 yet, but hey, I’m gonna get you, too! Another one will bite the dust.. And another one will go,  and another one will go…

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